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January, 2013 | Dops-md Credit Repair - Part 3
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How can I check my credit score

So many people are living out there without knowing the basic differences between the credit score & credit report. If you are one among them just take a look on this post and continue reading. Credit score is nothing but plain numbers which are generated out of your previous credit reports. If you are a US Citizen then you will have 3 established credit scores the reports provided by 3 credit bureaus namely Equifax, Experian and Transunion. These 3 major credit Bureaus will have a close monitor on your credit.

how can i check my credit score

If you want to check credit score for free you can check it once a year. But checking your credit reports for every 3 months once will ensure that no one has steal your identity and you are on the safe zone. If you find out any suspicious things are appearing in your report you can report immediately and take necessary steps to fix them. When you want to check out more than once in a year you will need to spend few dollars from your packet. else you can use credit score estimator

Now let’s see how to check credit score for free from credit score companies. People are entitled to get a free report from all 3 credit score companies once a year. You can only see the credit report not a credit score. Since credit score is calculated by using the sophisticated model nearly all credit score companies will charge to provide an access. If you want to get a free credit report you can logon to annualcreditreport.com. This website permits you to setup a free account and future access.

How can I check my credit score for free?

 For those who want to check credit score for free we suggest to be careful when giving out your credit card information in the public internet. Millions of people are searching in Google and other search engines on “how can i check my credit score for free”.  But most of them are never finding out such a way and end up with the frustration some are become prey to the phishing activities. Basically there exists some smart ways to check out your credit score.

First way is try to apply for a credit from somewhere and also place a request to get a copy of credit score. This report will be generated in order to determine your credit worthiness. Even in this case the credit score is not generated for free of cost. Lender whom you have applied has to pay for accessing your credit score.

Second and best way

Second way is the best and fastest way to know your credit score for free or with few bucks. Logon to any one of the reputable Credit score companies or credit score monitoring service providers online. We suggest you to sign up with the creditreport.com. Obtain a trial service. Once you sign up logon to your brand new account. From here you can access both the credit score and credit reports for free until the trial period. When you want to enjoy this service for free make sure to cancel the subscription before the trial period gets over. If you want to continue the service it will cost you just few bucks. So many people are using this paid service. In this cruel world the rate of identity theft is going in an increasing number. So it is suggestible to have aye on your credit report and score to know is everything going smoothly? If anyone steals your credit card and you dint aware that for years it will affect your credit score very badly. So it is good to check out your credit score from time to time.


Ways to increase the one time credit score

There is an opportunity for everyone to get their onetime credit score increased. Due do this recession every one of us have hurt their fingers with our credit score very badly. So it’s time to look for the new methods and things which we had not applied in the past to get a better credit score.

If you have searched the terms like “how to improve credit score fast “probably you could have came across so many simple and easy steps to get a perfect credit score. Out of all these methods here we present you one simple yet worthy way to improve your one time credit score. Better you can just give a try with this new method.

Improve your credit score with 30 points instantly

* If you have planned to make a bulk purchase (> $200) just call your credit card company whoever it may be.

* Request the representative to provide a pre authorized notification on your account.

* If you do so even if you don’t make a purchase the pre-authorized note will stay with your account.

Well, how it can improve your one time credit score? This activity will show you as a responsible consumer obviously all credit card companies will love it. If your purchase charges get denied, what will happen is you will be losing your some of the points. But now by placing the pre authorized note on your account you have indeed gave a boost to your credit score. This pre authorized note will catch the sight of credit bureaus immediately.

If you make a purchase and place a pre- authorized note on your account soon you can see a credit score hike of up to 30 points. This method is a kind of simple and easiest method to attain your perfect score. Often check whats my credit score. Some times these methods may seem as less powerful one but the truth is you can improve your credit score without any doubt.

Now let’s see what is meant by the perfect credit score.  Some credit agencies define credit score that is more than 800 is defined as perfect credit score. Even Most of the “financial perfects” are missing to attain this. You may pay all your monthly bills on time and you have never missed out your credit payments. But still even tiny mistakes may affect your credit report and thus finally your account misses the chances to get a pride of “perfect credit score”.

When you see the term “perfect credit score” from the business perspective it is said, if your credit score is more than 775 you have attained a perfect credit score. So when you check whats my credit score next time just have a look on how far you need to travel to get a perfect score. So many people are constantly tiring to reach 800 even if they have 775. From our view this 775 can bring almost all benefits as 800 for you.

If you have a good credit score and want to get a perfect credit score what we suggest is have a habit of paying the debts in a shorter course of time and never miss to pay the bills on time. You may have the payments like student loan, mortgage and other general debts appearing in your monthly payment history. credit cards  companies will be pleased when you settle the mortgage payments on time. These types of responsible activities will get you very nearer to the perfect credit score 800.

How To Check Your Credit Score

Good credit score is something which everyone wants. There is credit score estimator and credit score calculator which will help you to calculate the amount which will be required by you after retirement. The credit score estimator will estimate the amount which you will need to invest for your savings, you just need to enter different values which you earn and check the amount required for your future. There are many ways as to how to check credit score. There are lot of differences between a credit report and a credit score. A credit score is one which is generated with a number based on your credit reports. The credit reports are the information regarding your credit details and transactions which you made along with the date.There are lots of ways to check your credit score which are as follows.

How to check credit score?

One can check the credit score for free through websites. Buy beware of the websites which are not genuine. The two ways through which you can check for the credit score absolutely free is as follows:

  • Make a request at the credit reporting agencies for the copy of your credit report. This might take time to generate the report. But once you get the credit report, the information about your credit score will also be printed.
  • The next is the fast, easy and convenient way to know about the score. You can search in online for a reputed service. The best is creditreport.com. One can sign up in it in order to have a free session of how it works. Once you sign up, you have to log in and then get your credit score as well as reports for free. You can take a print of all of them. If the trial period is over, then they will start charging for you every month.

You need to make sure that the website that you choose is genuine because there are lots of scams happening out there. Just don’t blindly give your personal data into the websites. There are intruders waiting for the personal information which you enter in them. They just hack the data and make a misuse with it.

Knowing the credit scores range is really very essential in applying loans because the banks that provide you with loans will look at your reports and score as to how consistent you are in paying bills on time, spending money etc. All these criteria are looked by them in detail to get an assurance that you will pay the loan back on time to them. Depending upon your score, you will be getting interest rates. If you have got good score, then banks will offer you with less interest rate. Before you apply for a loan, you need to calculate the score first with the help of a credit score calculator. The calculator shows you results with which you can decide either to take up a loan or to improve the score. There are many calculators in online to calculate your score. The score depends on the data that you enter into it and following are some factors to note:

  • 35%: This involves the total accounts which you are being paying on and also the negative records of your previous payments. It also takes up the items that were unpaid and the delay time in making payments.
  • 30%: This denotes your present debts and involves your current money which you have got from various lenders. It also takes into account the consistency of time in paying back the debts.
  • 15%: This denotes your credit history. It tracks all the financial activities and it takes into account the total time length from when you opened an account. You will get good score only if you have a long credit history.

Ways To Improve Credit Score Range Fast

A good credit scores range is very important to possess when it comes for applying loans and credit cards. People wonder as to how to improve credit score fast or how to check my credit store. Well there are many ways for it which you can learn.

How to check my credit store?

  • The first and foremost thing to do is to verify if the information that is there on the credit reports, is correct or incorrect.
  • Make sure that the name, contact number, social security number, employment information, birth date etc is correct or not.
  • You need to verify each account with the transactions and payment details to know that they are mentioned correctly. Check the dates as well.

check my credit score

If you find any errors in your report, then you need to report to the respective credit agency immediately and make a request to correct them. The three credit agencies are as follows: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. The credit scores range is calculated depending upon your credit report information which is: Amount in your account, the number of years where the account is holding, payment details of various bills, history of account etc. The following are the ways as to how to improve credit score fast:

  • Eliminate the errors within 48 hours: This is the quickest way to improve your credit score. You will have to eliminate the errors as soon as possible in order to raise the score.  It can be very helpful when you apply for loans. You can make a request to the respective loan officer in order to make a rapid rescore, if there is any error found while applying loans. But the quick rescore will need a lot of legal paperwork.
  • Delete negative credit: There are repair clinics for credit that helps to clean our credit reports. Instead of paying them to clean, one can remove the errors themselves. In order to delete the negative credits, there is a need for advanced methods to be followed. But the ideal way is to dispute a letter. You can also attach the paperwork as mentioned above, as a form of proof in order to get rapid results from the credit agencies. Even if there is no proof, the agencies will validate for the correct information from the creditor and then correct the errors.
  • Use someone’s credit: This is a rapid way of scoring up your credit. It requires a lot of trusting relationship. For instance, when you apply for the credit card, you can see the section containing to add up a person holding a card. If you know a person who holds a card with a perfect credit score also who is someone you can trust upon, then you can get a very rapid credit score. Your score will reach good heights in a less span of time.
  • Play round robin: This is the best strategy used to accomplish secured saving account. What you got to do here is as follows: Buy a safe credit card and avail an advance of 70% as credit limit. Get two more credit cards and repeat the same. Now open up new check account which must have the final cash as advance. You must use this account only to pay the bills on the 3 brand new credit cards. If the payment is done regularly on time, then the credit score will boom high.
  • Pay bills without delay: It is very essential to pay all the bills on time. You have to be very consistent in paying all your bills on time, only then you can score a good credit quickly.

The above things need to be followed properly so that you don’t lose the score. Apart from it, you shouldn’t close your account. The more number of years, your account is opened with no negative reports, it will be perfect.

Excellent Credit Score And Ratings

Everyone wants to have good credit score ratings for their credit report. Everyone wants to know about “what is my credit score”? People wonder about – what is an excellent credit store and how to achieve them. The answer to what is an excellent credit store is that the ability of yourself to be consistent and stable financially. The accepted scoring system in knowing “what is my credit score” is through FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation). You can achieve FICO scores absolutely for free or with the help of free websites which offer 30 days’ trial sessions.

what is my credit score

The credit score ranges from 300 – 850. The higher you score, the more better it is for you. An excellent score is when you make 760 – 849. If this is your score, then you can apply for credit cards and loans at a best interest rate. If your score between 620 and 699, it means that you can get qualified to get an application for the loan but the interest rate is not that good. If the score is 619 or below than 619, then it literally means that you have got a very poor store and you will have difficulties in applying for the credit cards or mortgage loans. There will be banks who will offer you with funds but it will be for very little amount and very high interest rates. You need to have good credit store ratings in order to apply for the loans. The banks will often check your score whenever you apply for loans and credit cards.

The FICO is used by 80% of the banks in United States. It is determined by three different scores from credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion based on your credit report. As there is a change in the credit file, the FICO score also changes. The following is the chart displaying various the ranges of credit score:




Perfect credit

750 to 800

Excellent credit

720 to 750

Good to excellent credit

690 to 720

good credit scores

Below 620

Poor credit


To get your credit report, you need to contact any one of the credit bureaus and make a request. The score will also be included with the report which you receive. If you have a poor score, then you can improve by doing the following things:

  • Pay all the bills on time. There shouldn’t be any delay in paying down the bills.
  • Do not even by chance make your credit balance go above the balance that is allowed for you in maximum.
  • Do not get more and more debts which cannot be handled by you.

One can apply for the credit card when he or she attains 18 years. There are many teenagers who feel that they can use their credit cards wisely but actually they don’t. They do not about the detailed information associated to it. They need to know about a good and bad score associated with the credits. All this can be learnt over time but even the websites help you in figuring out the right score. First you need to make a search in the internet regarding the genuine websites because it will have good PR (Public Relations). It is very essential to look at the website’s reputation and reviews. Giving out your SSN (Social security Number) in the websites just to get the credit score can be very dangerous because there are lot of intruders waiting for it to make a misuse. You have to avoid giving your personal information on fake websites. Before you release your personal information on the websites, make a thorough review on the website and choose the one which is safe.

How To Build & Rebuild Your credit

Rebuilding credit after bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is considered as fresh start to rebuild your financial life.  Rebuilding after the bankruptcy is introduced to avoid the credit in future.  But it is not applicable for the people to live without credit. Credit score does not matter while you plan to apply for the car loan or for home loans. For an example your insurance rates will be increased when you have bad credits. It is very tedious to manage certain type of bank accounts if your credit score falls down. So rebuilding credit after bankruptcy can be done easily by making the payment on time.

 How to rebuilt credit

In case of the bad credit left without any credit cards, then it is better to get a new one. Most of the people get scared of credit cards but there is nothing to get frightened. Credit card will help you to maintain the positive history on your payment.

If you have very low credit score then it will be very hard to get the approval from the major banks.  Surprisingly there are some alternative options

Gas credit card or the department store card

Local bank branch

Secured credit card and

The credit card special for the bad credit score.

It is wise to understand the credit details before entering into new credit account. At some cases it is even harder to get the approval for the new credits.

Check out the credit regulation before availing it as you may become as a prey for the bad credit.  There are some credit cards that charges high interest rate along with increased fees amount where it make the credit unaffordable.  Most of the people have the confusion on how to rebuild credit and get struck with the bad credit.

Avoid using prepaid credit cards where there is no need to report   any information to the credit bureaus and will not help you in maintaining the credit. Incase if your credit card is denied then you need rush to get the new application instead wait for the letter or the email that provides the reason for the rejection.

How to build your credits

To build a new credit you need to replace the spending habits or credit damaging into a new and better one as there are more chances to get back from where you have worked very hard to get rid.

Experts provide you certain suggestions for how to build your credit

Payment on time

Pay on time regularly and check for the accounts and maintain the credit report. Avoid criminal affairs in any account even if is the small ones like the school lunch, library bills.  Mostly business people prefer collection agencies for handling the unpaid customer.  Incase if any account was caught in the hands of debt collector then it will affect your credit report for seven years where it affect your progress methods.  If you pay for 12 months on your account without any dues then you will gain twenty points or more. You may even improve the credit level by timely payment.

Replace the old bad credit with credit

If your practice does not work then the second step is to get transfer to the good credit habits.  To improve your credit you need to show the good credits to the creditor. This can be done by paying the affordable charges on time.  During this rebuilding process avoid availing too many credit accounts as you may struggle between payment and balances.


What Is Good Credit

Methods used to increase good credit

Credit score is very important when you plan to barrow money to construct your dream home, car or good job. You credit scores gets damaged easily through the late [payment on your credit card. Most of the people do not have the knowledge about the credit score and also about the methods of managing it. Let us see the suggestion for your question how to increase the credit score

Make timely payment it must not exceed even a single day

Always maintain the balance of fifty percent.

Follow the above listed ideas; if you pay the funds on timely   then surely your credit score will get increase.

Good credit scores

As we are living in the money driven world, it is very important to accomplish everything in the life. Maintaining good credit scores is very important in everyone’s life where it is not easy to get it. To know about the credit score you need to apply for the loan. Credit score is not the easy thing to score or have it.

What is good credit?

Most of the peoples are confused with this term.  Usually the credit score will lie in between the 300 to 850. The creator of FISCO report is the Fair Isaac Corporation. Most of the people have a wrong thought that they cannot avail the loan with the bad credit but the fact is that the people can avail the loan but if they have good credit rating then they will get the low interest rate.

What is good credit?

It is score required to avail the credit card. It requires excellent or good that varies by threshold and issuer and can fluctuate.

In general an individual requires high score to get qualified for the best credit cards. Following number will provide you rough estimation on the score.

In those days seven hundred twenty was considered to be the pretty score but at present seven hundred and sixty or twenty is used.

At present days it is hard to avail the credit card if the score goes below 620 where the people started to prefer the secured credit card in case of low credit cards.

Credit scores generally vary from the 300s till the mid 800s. Following table will provide you general idea about the lenders but it does not contain any set of framed rules, as the lenders use different guidelines for different products.  You can find the great difference in calculated scores as the credit value is calculated by three bureaus. Lenders will always refer the three scores present in the middle.

More than 730 – excellent credit

700 to 729 – good credits

670-699 – lender will have a close look at your file

585- 669 – more risk, you are not a eligible person for best products and rates. You cannot enjoy the credit products.

Less than 585 – No credit option or available at some limit, Lender will not look at the other information.

Credit scores plays vital role when you are in need of money, whether it might be for home mortgage, credit car or a car loan. In case of getting a loan for car requires very low credit score

Good credit score required to avail a car loan is 650. You are required to be qualified with the single digit APR to avail car loan or for truck.

Getting good credit scores does not contain any secret – to maintain the good credit you need to make the payment on time.


How to raise your credit score fast

How to raise your credit score fast

Most of the people were confused raising the credit scores.  Let us discuss on few points on raising your credit scores.

You can search in online and find some information regarding the credit report and how to fix your credit score.  Check out whether the company follows all the rules and regulations set for them. If the answer is No. it will be ten times harder in raising your funds. It happens due to the fact that they get paid just to report the information for the people. They show their interest to make their clients happy and they are not concerned I n raising the credit scores.

So the company concentrates only on the report. So it wise to search the company that provides answer to how to raise your credit scores fast?

how to improve credit rating

How to improve your credit rating

Making the purchase in daily form is the common method for consumerism where it keeps the global and local market at very successful levels. It is difficult to discover the cash flow at different point in time. Clients always focus on the needs and efforts to make adjustment and will help to learn how to improve your credit rating. It is a numerical indicator

Here we provide you certain tips and answers for your question how to improve credit rating

Verify the credit report

This process begins with credit report. If you have the copies then check out the errors. This report will help you to calculate the score and there may be some errors in it. Verify the report statement whether it contains any late payment or incorrect information in your account and the amount owed for your open account is listed in correct manner. If you identify any error I n your report then report it immediately to the reporting agency or credit bureau.

Set a payment reminder

Timely payment is the biggest contribution  for your credit score. Few banks have the facility of reminding you about the payment modes through the online portal modes or through the text message reminding you about the due date. You can also avail the automatic payment mode by enrolling the credit card where the amount gets transferred automatically to the loan account from your account

Avoid closing accounts

It is better to keep the unused credit card in usual manner without closing it. If you cancel your card you score level gets decreased automatically. Better choice is to use them occasionally. Maintaining good credit history will increase your credit score.

Avoid max out in your credit score

Avoid max out in your credit cards. It is better to keep the thumb balance with the balance amount of more than the minimum amount.

Make your loan shopping quickly

Your credit card score may get pulled when you make your shopping for loan. Submit the applications to your potential lenders with a time limit of two week period. If you have more credit inquiries will decrease your score.

Use secured credit card

If you do not have credit history or low credit score then this secured credit card will help you to build the reports to your credit bureaus. Some of the credit scores will extend the responsibility of using it for even six more months.

To know more about the credit scores you can check out the episodes and the tips provided in websites. It contains the information on following stories

Easiest way to build the credit scores

Does cancellation of credit card will hurt your credit?

What affects your credit card?



How to fix your credit score

How to fix my credit

Most of the people were not aware on the fact how to fix the credit score.The first step in this process is to request for the reports.You can ask for the copy from 3 major agencies once in a year at free of cost.  This report will provide you FICO score where it explains about your file.

After receiving the report check out the information’s in detail. If you find any errors you can submit the report along with the supporting documentation to the bureau where they forward it to the financial institution for verification. If they find any errors they will delete it.

If the information submitted by the customer is accurate they will provide you some score where your past information’s will be overshadowed by the present day responsibilities.  Usually the 3 digit number is calculated on the basis of payment history, length of history, types of account and the amount earned by the person. Experts provide you certain information to keep in your mind that is related to these areas.

how to fix your credit score

Your payment history will be the largest portion with the score rate at thirty five percent.  This means that you must pay the minimum amount on every time.  Potential lender will check your payment period. Lender usually expects the clean history of payment even if the payment is not made completely. Avoid making delayed payment, start now in making the timely payment where it will result you in steady increase of your score.

How to fix credit score

It is very important to maintain the healthy credit.  It is very painful to carry the low credit score at present day’s economy, as you may face to many troubles, while you struggle to get the home loans or car loans.  Here we provide you tips for how to fix your credit score.

First step to be done in this process is to get the present credit report with accurate information.  We have different methods to implement this plan.  First thing is the requesting the free copy from the credit bureaus and sign up with the monitoring services where it provides the report at required period.

Secondly verify your report and incase of error you have a right to negotiate and remove it from the report. It is also necessary to educate yourself to make proper negotiation with c companies.

Thirdly you must read clearly about the credit bureaus working condition and operation and must learn their various disputes at working level. It is recommended to draft the letter in advance where it helps you to remember your exact position in the process and maintain consistent tone while you communicate with the credit bureaus.

At fourth step you must start the dispute process with credit bureaus.Be sure to familiarize from your side with the dispute process and applicable laws along with the dispute process. It will take some time along with many letters back between yourself and credit bureaus.These are the tips provided by the experts on how to fix credit scores and it will provide you best results.

As a final step make sure in getting another copy for your credit report to make sure on the credit bureaus complied and cleared the negative information from your report.

Set a plan in an effective way to repair your credit. It is wise to find the answer for the question” how to fix the credit score” by conducting researches in an effective manner.



How To Find Out The Best Credit Repair Companies

How to repair bad credit

It is one of the most important questions asked by majority of people.  To repair your bad credit you need to increase your credit report in fast manner.   You can search in online to know about your credit history. We have more number of companies that provides you personal credit files at free of cost.

You can gather the required information by viewing the credit report where it acts a crucial step to raise your credit history in fast manner.  If you still have the question how to repair bad credit in your mind then you can prefer the help of company to assist you on repairing the poor credit.

how to fix bad credit

Incase if you have the credit file at free of charge then the next step is to increase the credit score in quicker manner.  Usually there are some companies that provide you tip on repairing the bad credit. In case of declared bankruptcy, it is tedious to repair the bad credit. In case of bankruptcy you need to prefer the people with great understanding skills to repair it.

How to fix bad credit

Are you struggling with the financial jam and trying to find the best approach on the fact how to fix bad credit. Here you can make use of the instant credit to take the further steps. It is easy to cut the credit offers at the department stores. You can purchase the products on impulse without thinking about the payment, then you may face the disaster like dismiss from the job or we may get into heads before knowing it.   It is difficult to get the credit.

We have several approaches to discuss on the fact about discovering the bad credit. In a nut shell bad credit will occur when you were not able to refund the money which was borrowed from the creditor.  Delayed payment on your credit will result in bad score.  This will affect you when you are in need of actual credit.

If you have doubt on the fact how to fix bad credit then there are various places to look.  First thing is through the internet that provides you full of information teaching you on how to keep track on your money.  Set a budget and limit your expenditure is the two ways to recover your money.

Best credit repair companies

Most of the people prefer to get the help of best credit repair companies to solve their credit problem. Best companies will solve your problem by the following condition

Customer service

They will provide you good customer service. They will answer the client’s inquiry  in finding the best credit  service.

Best track records

The companies’ overview in a right manner

Best company for repairing

idea 1 : The company must perform well to impress the customers. Research on such best credit repair companies and find how it was established and developed in the business.

Idea 2 : fair company warranty and the cancellation policy

Check out whether the company will repay or reimburse your money if the customer is not satisfied with their service.

  • At present the best credit repair companies offers the online service.  It also offers additional services other than repairing
  • Assists with creditors direct letters, appropriate interval and with creditors
  • They will guide you with those actual fraudulent activities
  • They will help the customers in identifying theft problem.
  • They will help you in deleting the inaccurate information.

Find the best company that suits your requirement .